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The percentage of people in Conway County with associate degrees or higher is 14.5%. The statewide average and national average are 20.6% and 30.7% respectively.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau—2000 Census.


School Counts! Initiative Awards First Official Graduating Class

Stricklen Speaks About Importance of Higher Education to Area Students

"School Counts" Makes Headlines

George Kress Foundation Contributes $20,000

Winthrop Rockefeller Institute Challenges Community To Donate

Meeting For Businesses Held

George Kress Foundation Pledges $60,0000

Announcing School Counts!

School Counts!

There's something growing in Conway County. The goal of the School Counts! initiative is to help students achieve success in the classroom, work place, and the community by raising funds locally to invest in the education of the county’s youth. Students who meet the yearly criteria upon graduation from participating high schools are eligible to receive up to $1,000 per semester to attend UACCM, including a $250 tuition waiver from the college. For students who choose to attend UACCM but already receive over $1,000 in other scholarships and grants, School Counts! will award a $250 book scholarship. This initiative will have a positive influence on economic development, the quality of life, and the level of education to move Conway County forward.

A Conway County Arkansas Workforce Initiative
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