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One of the greatest impacts community colleges have relates to workforce development. Skilled workers strengthen the state and local economy’s human capital. This results in not only higher wages, but also increased investment and greater returns to property owners, increased tax revenues, improved lifestyles, lower poverty rates, reduced crime, etc.

Whether a student’s goal is to take one course in order to update job skills, receive training for a new career, or earn the first two years of a bachelor’s degree, UACCM has an option that can meet specific, individual needs. The College may be able to help you meet your employment needs by providing you with highly skilled workers who can increase productivity.

School Counts! will open the door to higher education to many students who could not otherwise afford to go to college. Your support of this initiative now will help you reap future benefits when these UACCM graduates complete their degrees and enter the workforce.
A Conway County Arkansas Workforce Initiative