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The Need For "School Counts!"

  • The percentage of people in Conway County with associate degrees or higher is 18.9%.   The statewide and national averages are 25.9 and 36.2 respectively.
  • 17% of the population in Conway County age 25 and older does not have a high school diploma or GED; the percentages for the state and nation are 16.7 and 14.3 respectively. 
  • Per capita income for Conway county is 19,833; statewide the income average is 22,007 and the national average is $28,051.
  • 23.4%  persons in Conway County live at or below the poverty level; the statewide and national average are 18.7 and 14.9 respectively.
Source:  U.S. Census Bureau - 2012
A Conway County Arkansas Workforce Initiative