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Conway County School Counts! Board of Directors
Posted: November 2014

Conway County School Counts! Board of Directors:

Mr. Jack Bean                                       
Mr. Cody Beene                       
Mr. David Cawein                    
Dr. Thomas Flowers                       
Ms. Katherine Foust                           
Mr. John Gibson                     
Ms. Dottie Greeson               
Judge Jimmy Hart                    
Mr. Todd Haynes                     
Mr. Shawn Halbrook                           
Mr. Cody Hill                                         
Mr. Darren Jones                     
Ms. Sonia Kibe                                     
Ms. Alisha Koonce                   
Mr. Miles Lacy                                      
Ms. Lawana Lyon*                   
Mr. Barry McKuin                     
Mr. Bryce Mobley                     
Ms. Mary Newsome                
Mr. Carroll Purtle                      
Ms. Patty Shipp

A Conway County Arkansas Workforce Initiative