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Advice from Seniors to Freshmen

Show up to class - EVERY DAY! - Alex
Your freshman year is what sets your GPA - it is hard to raise it a lot after that. -  Megan

I would have read more books and paid more attention in class. I would have also gone to tutoring more often. I have realized that I missed a lot of information that would benefit me in college! -  Lindsay

I would have been more social in my classes and towards my peers.  - Hannah

As a freshman, I freaked out about a lot of things - grades, boys, clothes, my frizzy hair.  Most of it was not worth freaking out about though the GRADES were. - Bailey

This is serious business.  GRADES WILL MATTER! -  Jordan

Make friends with everyone.  Don't stay in your tiny group.  Be yourself. - Matt

School may not seem important in 9th grade but believe me a bad grade will haunt you. - Eric

I wish I had asked more questions about college.  Talk to seniors and counselors and your parents. - Darryl


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