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Example UACCM Graduates

Student #1:
Graduated UACCM in 1998, Associate of Arts/General Education - Completed BA at University of the Ozarks - Completed MA at University of Central Arkansas - Enrolled in doctorate program at University of Arkansas - Assistant History Professor, entry level salary $46,000.

Student #2:
Graduated UACCM in 2008 with Associate of Applied Science in Petroleum Technology - now holds position with major oil and gas operator as a Field Management Production Foreman, current income $120,000 with full benefits.

Student #3:
Graduated UACCM in 1995, Associate of Applied Science/Drafting and Associate of Applied Science in Surveying - Secured a position in mapping and surveying, current salary $48,000 with full benefits.

Student #4:  
Graduated 2012 with an Associate of Applied Science in Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology - Entry level salary in the field $35,000. 

Student #5: 
Graduated UACCM in 2011 with Associate of Science in Business Office Technology  -  Received Transfer Scholarship and Completed Bachelor of Arts in Management Information Systems at University of Arkansas Little Rock -  Entry Level Salary as an Analyst $39,000.  

Student #6:
Graduated UACCM in 2012 with Associate of Liberal Arts Nursing Track - Completed Registered Nursing Degree at Baptist Health - Entry Level Salary at Baptist Health $20.44/hour

Student #7:
Graduated UACCM with an Associate of Arts - earned a Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences with Pre Physical Therapy emphasis - continued to earn a Doctorate of Physical Therapy.  Average Salary in Arkansas 80,000.

Student #8:
Graduated UACCM in 2013 with Associate of Applied Science in Petroleum Technology  - secured position with major international petroleum service company as a Measurement While Drilling technician, current income $150,000 with full benefits.  Gets to travel
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